About Us

A Sustainable Way of Living

Less is more when it comes to sustainable fashion! That's the idea that drove co-founder Sheena to start Stylette. After spending a small fortune on a flower girl dress that her daughter wore only once, Sheena recognized the need for a way to share high fashion children's clothing with other parents who also have a fond appreciation of brand and style.

We all know how quickly kids outgrow their clothes — wearing a new size every season — often before they have time to wear the same special outfit twice. Sheena realized that renting special occasion outfits would let kids look their best at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Fashion For Your Children, Passion For Our Planet

Inspired by love for our babies, and respect for the earth, our mission is to change the way parents everywhere style their children. We provide sustainable, low-cost, convenient access to curated high fashion.

More than half of the clothing produced each year ends up in landfills. It’s a staggering number measured in billions of pounds, that takes years to decompose or break down. Factor in the significant amount of chemicals, water, energy, and other natural resources involved in textile production, and it’s easy to see how fast fashion takes an unsustainable toll on the environment.

We believe fashion should be fabulous, and we believe it should be made to last, which is why we take great care when choosing our design partners. We are here to help families enjoy their special celebrations with confidence and joy.

Our Founders

Founded in Los Angeles, Sheena Jongeneel and Kim Kreuzberger know first-hand the major burden of investing in clothing that kids quickly outgrow.

The big idea started off with a piece that their kids quickly outgrew, but didn’t have the heart to let-go off. Instead of donating these pieces to a consignment shop, they decided to share beloved items with others who have a fond appreciation for brand and style.

They are moms on a mission to recycle pre-loved style and provide simplicity to living while saving the planet.

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