General Questions

How does Stylette work?

1. Shop your look based on occasion, size or designer.

2. Reserve the style by selecting size, rental period, optional insurance and event date.  We recommend that you select the reserve date 1-2 days prior to your special event to allow for fitting and accessorizing. We recommend your child try on the item immediately for fit to allow for exchanges if necessary.

3.  Returning the item(s) is simple.  Place item in the reusable bag it was shipped in with the pre-printed label and we take care of the laundry from there!

What items can I expect from the Stylette inventory?

Stylette clothing is high-end, high-quality, and top designer brands. This allows for your child to dress in the best looks and most fashionable pieces, for a low cost, saving you time and money. The Stylette inventory will rotate out annually, so you can expect new pieces every year, staying true to top trends. Stylette partners with high-end designers to bring you the best products year-round.

How long is a rental?

Our rental options can be borrowed for either 5 days or 10 days. Day 1 is considered the event date as selected.  If you choose to reserve the item longer than the agreed upon return date, email at rentals@stylette.co and we will charge you the difference of rental fees as indicated on our site from 5 days to 10 days. You must contact us prior to your return date, otherwise you will be charged for late fees.

What if my kids accidentally stain or damage the clothing?

We understand that kids like to have fun, and it is inevitable for our product to endure normal wear and tear.   For the more adventurous kids, we offer an optional $5 insurance fee to cover minor stains and damage on clothing.  General wear and tear is considered minor stains, missing buttons, snags in fabrications, and missing embellishment.  If you return a product that is damaged beyond repair (significant damage can be defined as holes and tears to fabric, heavy stains, and obvious misuse of the product and theft), you agree that we will charge you, and you will pay for the price for repairing or replacing the product, as determined in our discretion, up to 150% of the retail value or market value for the product. In addition, Stylette reserves the right to charge a $20.00 cleaning fee when necessary.

How is the clothing cleaned?

We work with an environmentally friendly and conscious cleaning partner, to clean the clothes and preserve their quality.


How do we return the clothing?

Return your item(s) using the same method as it was shipped in the reusable Stylette branded bag. We provide free shipping for returning the item.  You should find a pre-printed label with your shipment.  If not, please contact us so we can provide a return label. Please do not use third parties to ship as this will delay the return of your items.  If you lose or fail to return the reusable carrying case, you will be charged $50. 

What is the refund & exchange policy?

If you find that your item is not the right fit, you may opt to exchange your item for a different size. We suggest that you try on and fit the product as soon as you receive your shipment. To initiate an exchange, email rentals@stylette.co for instructions to exchange your item. You will be entitled to pay for a.) shipping back the original size b.) shipping for the revised size. Your free shipping label included in the original order shipment should only be applied for your return shipment of the revised size/product. Finally, your revised rental return date will be adjusted based on terms agreed upon with Stylette.

You may cancel your rental order at least fourteen (14) days prior to the ordered delivery date. Your account will be credited towards a future rental based on the rental fee of the original purchase. Email rentals@stylette.co to process order cancellations.

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